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The LesChalets.com team is your best ally in optimizing the rental management of your cottage and/or resort rental properties. Our goal is the same as yours: to exceed your tenants’ expectations while maximizing your financial returns and minimizing your risks. Our team of experts offers you a turnkey, secure and professional service that will allow your cottage to stand out while giving you peace of mind.

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We know that acquiring or building a cottage for rental purposes can be a long and arduous process. In these particular times when our industry is booming, the costs sometimes exceed the initial budget. It is therefore important to maximize all investments such as furniture, appliances, bedroom furnishings, decorating and indoor and outdoor entertainment.

To maximize these investments, we have negotiated agreements with several manufacturers, distributors and importers that allow us to obtain exceptional prices from which our customers can benefit. Without intermediaries, our prices will save you thousands of dollars. In addition, agreements with insurance companies, alarm systems and advertising companies ensure the best rates and services.

Our service offer includes 2 possibilities : 

  1. You shop online. You make your choices. Then we give you a quote. You then take advantage of the agreements we have already made.
  2. You will work with a designer from our team specialized in short term rentals. Depending on your needs and the style you are looking for, a pre-selection will be made, followed by a presentation. In short term management, details are important and our experts can advise you adequately.
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